Who am I?

I'm Hali (pronounced like Halle Berry) - nice to meet you!

I'm a self-taught photographer who's been playing with cameras since 2010. I started my journey on a tiny Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot camera photographing the only things I had readily available - my pet cats and flowers in my mom's garden! After a few years of practicing, I started the slow journey into "people" photography - and I absolutely fell in love. There is nothing like being granted the opportunity to document special moments in my client's lives, so much so that they come back to me for more!

Where am I?

I am currently based out of Hanover, Pennsylvania - better known as Snacktown USA!

Don't fret - I love traveling, and would love to travel to/with you to capture your life's biggest moments! The furthest I've gone so far is to Jamaica to photograph a wedding, but I'm always looking forward to more unique opportunities from my clients.

Fun fact: I'm a Food Scientist by trade!

More specifically, I am a "Sensory Scientist" - this basically means I get to eat for a living! Ask me more about it and I'll talk your ear off about how much I love both of my jobs (science and photography)!

What's my goal?

To help my clients document every special moment to them - no matter how big or small! I get so giddy being given such a special opportunity with my clients.

My bread and butter is black and white (if you couldn't tell already)! With each of my clients, I look forward to providing them with images that are timeless that they can enjoying viewing and sharing with generations to come (just like our parents and grandparents).

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